Investing in Great Companies with great people

The BDI Group invests in Real Estate, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing companies in North America to help support their growth. Our hands-off approach helps your company thrive on your current successes, then we collaborate to make it even better.

Why sell to BDI?

We believe your company can grow on the successes it was founded on. That’s why our team not only invests but acts as advisors to help you grow.

True partnership

Creating partnerships with aligned values and goals is the foundation of all successful deals.

Skin in the game

Our companies have their personal wealth invested in their success, and we’re fully committed to your success.

Trusted Advisors

Our trusted advisors are CEOs in successful companies and will support your strategic growth.

Nimble and efficient

Our small but experienced team allows us to make quick decisions and pursue valuable opportunities.

Long-Horizon investments

We don’t buy businesses to “flip.” We invest long-term, on your timelines, to see true, sustainable growth.

Our Accomplishments

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Investment Criteria

What do we look for in an investment?

Good business led by good people

Mid-market companies in real estate, engineering, construction, and manufacturing​

Values: People First, Integrity and Ingenuity


Does your company want to join us?

Is your company ready to experience advisor-guided growth by joining the BDI Group of companies?